Founded in 2013, after a day of shopping resulted in purchases that we were not completely satisfied with and realizing the quality of pet apparel, is quite lacking at most online retailers. This is especially frustrating when you have smaller pets that need to keep warm. The absence of original prints and patterns also became apparent at most online stores which is also frustrating - you keep finding the same items over and over again on most of these websites.

The goal then became to create quality, unique pet fashion and accessories. If you have ever looked closely at
pet fashion or accessories, whether it's the thin or flimsy materials or poor construction, you can tell the piece won't last even a few months,

let alone keep your pets warm during those cold months or in colder climates.

We will make every attempt to only use the best yarn, fabric or materials to create any pieces, along with a variety of colors, prints and patterns,
that's our pledge to you and your furry family members.

Plus, you won’t find our pet fashions at those large retail or big box stores. We’re not about mass quantity – we about quality in everything we create
from sweaters to bandanas and more - timeless fashion your pets can wear years from now.
Some of our pieces, such as our fair isle sweaters, take a bit of time since multiple yarns, in some cases up to 6 or 7 depending on the sweater, are required to
create intricate patterns - but they're not mass manufactured on a commercial loom or machine - so they are well worth the wait for a
piece that will last more than a few months.

We strive to make the best handcrafted and unique pet apparel and accessories for your furkids.
We know that your furkids are family - so we want them to look their best with timeless fashion styles and the shades of the season.

At Fourpaws Outerwear, since every apparel and accessory pieces is handcrafted, each is unique and so no two pieces are alike, just as no two pets are alike and have their own individual personalities. You'll find something for everyone from your Chihuahua (who thinks he's a Great Dane) to your
Great Dane (who thinks he's a lap dog) or your Tabby (who thinks he's a Bengal Tiger) we have a range of options for all. 

You can never spoil your furkids enough (seriously, is there such a thing as too much spoiling?) – go ahead indulge in pieces that are imagined, designed
and created with great pride – from soft merino wool sweaters to warm fleece bandanas and coats.
So with prices starting at just $8.95 you can do lots of spoiling.

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We believe that all pets deserve a loving home where they can be spoiled, cared for and flourish. So when the opportunity is right, adopt don't shop
and don't forget senior pets too. Yes, they maybe older, but they're wiser and they'll have you trained in no time. Just remember that money can't buy you love, but you sure can adopt love. Check out your local shelters today.

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